4 of my favorite waterfalls in Sweden – easy accessible ones

A few weeks ago, I went on a Birthday road trip further north in Sweden, and on that trip I visited some of my favorite waterfalls in this area. Today I’m sharing which waterfalls and where you can find them, in other words; 4 of my favorite waterfalls in Sweden with focus on accessibility.

And I love that some of Sweden’s most beautiful waterfalls are easy accessible. Of course there are so many more that I could talk about. Some in the same area, some further south and some further north. Some as easy accessible, but some involving a longer hike. But that’s for another time.

I’d say that almost anyone can walk/hike to these waterfalls and experience them and for me, I love when I can share places to visit that are accessible for most people. In this video I am going to share both the largest and the highest waterfall in Sweden as well as two other favorites of mine!


Swedens largest waterfall is called Tännforsen and it is definitely a favorite of mine. The trail to the waterall begins at Tännforsens Turiststation located aproximately 22 kilometers from the city Åre. From Åre, driwe towards Norway but make a right turn in Staa. Follow the sign towards Tännforsen.

The hike from the parking lot to the waterfall is about 200 meters. Even though the short hike involves some stairs I would label it as short and easy.

You can experience and watch the waterfall from both above and from down below. And if you chose to walk out onto the ”catwalk”, you’ll get to experience the waterfall from a very short distance leaving your hair and face covered with tiny drops of water. The waterfall is at its wildest during spring when all the ice and snow is melting but the waterfall is beautiful and worth a visit any season!

Photographer: Sara Rönne Träningsglädje

Just look at this photo of my friend Sara in front of the waterfall in winter time! During winter, then waterfall becomes silent, and transform into a large and beautiful ice sculpture that is also well worth a visit!


Sångbäcksfallet is a waterfall that is different from the other waterfalls in this video. This waterfall is a tiny one in comparison to the other three but since it’s tiny, it’s actually quite possible to get extremely close to it. And the magic in this waterfall is very visible the closer you get!

Sångbäcksfallet is located in Vemdalen, and the hike from the parking lot to the waterfalls is short, about 1 kilometer. The waterfall is just off the main road up to Storhogna and you can park the car in the small parking lot at road 315.

The short hike is basically alongside the upper part of the waterfall and it’s possible, it you’re cautious, to get closer to the upper part of the waterfall as seen in my video.  It can be very calming to just sit down and enjoy the view, sound and calmness that is this beautiful nature.

The first part of the short hike is trail, but to get to the bottom of this waterfall and really get the full experience you must climb down a few stairs.

What I like most about this waterfall is that once you’ve climbed down the stairs, it’s like being welcomed to a secret and secluded place were any second now, the magical creature of the waterfall, will appear!


Ristafallet is one of the larger waterfalls in Sweden and it’s located about 17 kilometers south east of the city Åre. What differ this waerdall from others are the fact that the waterfall is parted in two by a eninsula, creaeting a south part and a north part of the waterfall. The peninsla makes the two parts of the waterfall visually hidden from each other.

The peninsula is covered with a protected forest and on the island there’s a cave that you can visit during the winter season when the waterfall is frozen.

Something else that is unique for this waterfall is that parts of the well know Swedish children’s movie Ronja Robbers daughter was filmed here. The waterfall that was called Glupfallet is actually this waterfall; Ristafallet.

The easiest way to access the waterfall is from the north side where Ristafallets camping site is located. The hike from the Camping is short and easy and you are able to get really close to the waterfall. The waterfall created a special environment that gives the woods a unique micro climate where some rare mosses and lichens thrives.

In winter, when the waterfall is frozen, you can go on guided tour in a 14 meter cave located on the peninsula. You can book guided tours at Ristafallet’s reception and the tour is open for children from 4 years of age.

You can also access the waterfall from the south side where there are usually less people, at least in my experience. Furthermore, if you like hiking, there is a beautiful and easy hike for about 10 kilometers that is called “Ristafallsrundan” that will let you experience the waterfall as well. I recommend hiking in early summer or autumn.


Njupeskär waterfall is Sweden highest waterfall and the closest city is Särna which is about 40 kilometers away. Njupeskär is a part of Fulufjällets national park which is, lovely enough, the home of the world’s oldest tree. The tree is named Old Tjikko and it’s about 9550 years old!

The hike lovely and you’ll walk by cute little brooks and beautiful nature leading up the waterfall.

It’s about 2 kilometers from the start of this little hike, all the way to the waterfall, and it’s an easy hike. Arriving about halfway there’s a little cottage with a guest book that you can sign in if you would feel like it.  From this spot you’re able to spot the waterfall from afar. You can also sit down and just enjoy the view of the waterfall.

As you get closer to the waterfall, the landscape starts to change to a more barren one and in m opinion it really frames the waterfall beautifully.

Photographer: Ida Olsson ”i skog & mark”

The great thing with Njupeskärs waterfall, and something I highly recommend, is that it’s quite possible to hike up to the top of the waterfall where you can enjoy a beautiful view, and if you’re lucky, a magnificent sunset!

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