Our Midsummer celebrations

This year our Midsummer celebrations was very low key, a more slow living kinda Midsummer.

Me and hubby had a wonderful breakfast udner the apple tree, it was just one of those perfect mornings. Not too hot, not too windy or cold. For me, a definite must in the Midsummer celebrations, are the strawberries. Strawberries for breakfast? Even better in my opinion!

So we did! We actually ate it with a combination of full fat milk and cream. Really creamy against the sweet and acidic Strawberries. And this is the way wee treated ourselves when I grew up. I actually never ate much candy as a child, but strawberries in whip cream that wasn’t whipped or in full fat milk was a real treat for me! Hence, I crave it every summer and especially during Midsummer!

Another must during the Midsummer is flowers; flower crowns, flower decorations and/or a flower decorated Maypole. The maypole felt a bit too much for just the two of us, but flower crowns and flowers was on the agenda. So out we went on a slooow walk (due to the dogs having to sniff exactly everything) to forage some flowers for our crowns.

In the forest behind our house is a flower filed filled with the flower ”Queen Anne’s Lace which I love. It’s so delicate and fluffy, just perfekt for decoration! Since the first flower crown I made for my ”Myths & Magic – The real Midsummer Traditions”-film was brigh and colorful I wanted this to be soft and more pale, just to mix it p a bit. And so i made white flower crowns with a touch of soft peachy color in one of the flowers.

Initially we had planned to go for an evening swim but due to it becoming more and more windy we felt like the weather favored a picnic rather than an evening swim in the cold lake. And even though I do like cold swims, I am glad we went for the picnic instead.

Even though we missed out on the summer solstice swim that I had planned for us, I think it was meant to be. In the process of driving to the picnic spot we saved a baby bird and what was once a windy day turned into a calm and sunny evening. Instead of a more energetic cold Midnight swim we got to enjoy a calm, slow and very present ending to our Midsummer celebrations. If you’re curious to watch the whole thing, check the film at the beginning of this blog post!

Glad Midsommar and Puss & Kram!


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