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Grand Opening Zero Island

Finally, last week was the Grand opening of Zero Island on the island Lidö in the Swedish archipelago and I can’t wait to go there later this summer!

The boat who take you to the island runs runs on Neste Diesel MY a fossil free Diesel, and in just a handfull of minutes you arrive at Lidö and the Zero Island. The little windmill standing to welcome you to the island is just so darn cute as well. This island make me fall in love with summer over and over again.

Grand opening meant the Zero Cabin is now available for you too book and experience. You can now chose to stay a nigh in the Zero cabin, eat a 3 course ”Zero Menu” and enjoy a Zero Vacation on Zero Island. Just like me later this summer!

It’s such a cute and cozy cabin too, I almost can’t believe that you can fit that much coziness into that small of a space. And the view from the cabin doesn’t leave much else to desire.

This really is going on a vacation in my own neighborhood and I love it! It really makes me think a lot about my own vacation habits and even though I already know this, it reminds me of how much beauty that is around me in my local area and that I want to be more open to going on vacation closer to home, and perhaps I can inspire you to do the same!

I can’t wait for my own stay here, the big question now is which side I’ll chose to sleep on and which side is hubby’s.

The food is the same that I ate here Here on the first tasting of the Zero Menu. I am so in love with rhubarb and vanilla in combination and can’t wait to have this dessert again!

Neste is one of the world’s most environmental friendly companies and one action they took in making Lidö fossil free in less than one year, was to install solar panels. If you look closely you can see that there are also solar panels on top of the Zero Cabin which makes it possible to charge your phone while enjoying your stay at the Zero cabin.

I hope you get inspired to visit Zero Island and stay at the Zero Cabin, and maybe also get inspired to go on vacation in your own local area as a part of contributing to less emissions while still enjoying summer!

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