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Weekly vlog & Zero Menu with Neste


A Zero Vacation, as in ZERO EMISSIONS VACATION, is that even possible or maybe just a dream? And eating a ZERO MENU, as in a menu created to have little to no emissions while living in a cabin created with the same goal in mind; no negative environmental impact, no emissions aka no fossil fuel…how about that?

Well no matter what you might have though was possible or not, I am here to tell you it is possible. Because a few weeks from now I am going on a Zero Vacation on Zero Island, to live in Zero Cabin and eating a Zero Menu. Never in my life have I loved the word zero so much, or used is as frequent.

Right now I am involved in a sustainability project with a company called Neste who produces fuel and have a fossil free Diesel and who is also one of the worlds most environmental friendly companies. The project aims to inspire more people to go on vacation with Zero Emission in mind and to inspire restaurants to start creating their own menu inspired by #zeromenu where you can chose from a menu with dishes that are created with as little emissions as possible. I mean I’m not into dieting, because #lovefood, but a fossil free diet as the next big special diet, now that’s a diet I could get behind!

Last week I went to the first event in this project, an event that meant I got to eat the same food that are served on Zero Island (and oh man was it yummy!). All parts of the menu have been designed to minimize emissions, everything from cooking, to zero waste, using seasonal and local produce and so on.

I also filmed a few clips from this event in my latest vlog, capturing my life during a whole week, where I also share a few glimpses of the Zero cabin that I’ll be living in a few weeks from now.

The cabin is located on an Island called Lidö which is kinda close to where I live, and that makes me even more happy because I get to share more glimpses of this place I call home. And maybe I’ll inspire you to either go to Zero Island if you’re in the neighborhood, or to go on a vacation exploring your own local area. There are so much to discover everywhere, even close to home, something that’s easy to forget in a world that constantly tells you to travel to destinations far far away. V

I hope you like this weekend vlog and that I can inspire you to live more sustainable during your vacation this summer. No one can do everything but everybody can do something. I want to the best I can to encourage both individuals and companies for their efforts in moving forward to a more sustainable world, because every effort makes a difference!

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