Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is a very special time for me. In Swedish it’s called Vårdagjämningen, and it’s when the light wins over the dark.

The day is as long as the night, an here in the Northern hemisphere, from this day each day gets longer and longer, as well as brighter. Everything feels lighter and brighter. Spring and winter meet at the edge of the season, have a little dance, and the we say goodbye to lady winter.

Spring is early this year, and in some parts of Sweden, it’s not been winter at all looking at the temperatures. But right now, I welcome spring with open arms. It is very fitting with my mood and all the changes that have came into my life lately.

This day was an amazing day, the weather was wonderful and I spent it with preparing for spring with late winter sowing of seeds in my poly tunnel, working on my spring furniture project as well as having lunch outside. I hope you enjoy this little vlog!

Puss & Kram

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    27 mars, 2019 at 14:56

    Vad härligt du verkar ha det ute på landet! 🙂 Det är verkligen skönt nu när det börjar bli både ljusare och mer vår ute! Det gör så stor skillnad för det allmänna måendet tycker jag. 🙂

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