My Northern Heart shop + Northern Heart Letters

I’ve been waiting a long time to share my shop; Northern Heart, and my plans for my Northern Heart Letters. It’s been a long spring with a lot of work but I have finally come to the last third of what has been a real good and interesting experience.

I’ve had some issues with my website not working properly, but since it seem to be in the way of me sharing the first glimpse of my site, I decided to just share it anyway, and hope that I will sort it out soon.

This shop means a lot to me, and that is also why I have chosen to name it Northern Heart. I don’t want it to only be like any other shop. I want to share my lifestyle and a little piece of what I hold closest to my heart.

Lifestyle through wooden cups, or Kåsor/Kuksa as well as my own personal favorit brand of coffee pot for boiled coffee as well as the organic coffee that I myself use.

A piece of Sweden and my heart not only through the previous mentioned items, but also through my own prints and later, for net year, a wooden Calendar showcasing some of my favorite photos from Sweden and this countryside life.

I also wanted to create and give a little bit more of ”all this” to those of you that long for this kind of lifestyle, in the Northern Hemisphere, or elsewhere and hence I have created my Northern Heart Letters. It’s like a newsletter but it’s really not like a newsletter. Yes, from now and then I will share new items arriving in the shop, or if I have some kind of exclusive offers, but mostly it is me wanting to create a closer relationship for those that love this lifestyle as much as I do.

My aim with my Northern Heart letters is to share seasonal and monthly updates with you, about anything from Swedish traditions, changes in the season to personal thoughts or photos that I might not share elsewhere. It’s just more of all that my social media channels are all about.

So, until the website is fully ready with all the items you can have a little look at my coming soon site and become a part of my seasonal and monthly update through mY Northern Heart (news)letters.

Puss & Kram

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    23 april, 2019 at 13:30

    Så himla fint Maria! Jag ser fram emot att följa även denna del av ditt arbete. Kram

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    7 juli, 2019 at 20:40

    Underbar härlig blogg som jag fann Av en ren slump. Tack för det. Ska absolut läsa mer och lära känna dig mer både här och på youtube. Kramar, kärlek och välsignelser 🌷✨☘

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