Snow cleaning the rugs

Snow cleaning the rugs, it might sound like something made up, but I assure you it’s not. This is a non chemical and effective way to get a lot of dirt out of your carpets all the while getting fresh air and a bit of exercise.

For me, cleaning the rugs, no matter the season, always makes me think of my maternal grandmother, the countryside and the summer days I spent in Northern Sweden and Finland (where my mothers side of the family comes from), bathing in the Bothnian bay, eating strawberries, exploring nature and scratching my legs due to mosquito bites.

And I just love cleaning the rugs is just one of those countryside activities that brings peace to mind, if that makes sense. It might sound like something super boring, but for me, it’s not. There is something calming with doing those type of ”chores”. It brings me down, it ground me, it brings peace of mind and tranquility to my life.

created by dji camera

Further more, it’s also a great opportunity to have a little bit of cozy moment outside in the snow, some coffee maybe a cinnamon bun or two if you like that!

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