Why are all the houses in Sweden red?

One of the most frequently asked questions on my YouTube channel is ”WHY are all the houses in Sweden red” or the ones not presuming as much and therefore asks ”ARE all the houses in Sweden red”?

As to the question ”ARE all the houses in Sweden red” the answer is a simple: No. Of course they are not, but in the Swedish countryside especially older houses are in most part red.

The reason goes way back in history, as far as the 1400-century. The king at that time had been ”out and about” in Europe and seen some pretty darn nice castle with copper roof. He then, wanting to be as fancy as European royalty, got the idea to cover the entire roof of his castle in copper. But, unfortunately for the king, not even he could afford that.

The solution was simple, instead of buying all that expensive copper, the King painted the roof with a red color from the Falu Copper Mine, it just had to be good enough! And, since the King was a real ”influencer” during his time, this ”trend” started spreading among the higher classes in society. What the king had, the nobel wanted, and then the priest, and the people with higher ranks in the military and so on. Within the military not only the hoses got painted in a red color but also the other buildings and baracks.

This particular pain had now become a sign of wealth and success and it was so important that if the King was to come visit it was not unusual to only paint the side of the house that faced the road, where the King might appear, but leaving the backside and and the alleys as is, due to lack of money.

In the end of the 1600-century the Industrial manufacturing of this paint started and it became a little bit cheaper and easier to get hold of. The paint had also gotten know, not only as a symbol of money, wealth and hence status, byt also due to it’s properties. Wooden houses painted with this paint became more durable than those without it.

To this day, we’re still painting with this type of color both due to it’s matte and beautiful finish but also due to the remarkable properties of this type of paint. It actually becomes a part of the wood, going into it and leaving a matte soft finish, as in comparison to the ”modern plastic” type of paint that sits on top of the wood, more like a thin layer without really being a part of the wood.

And that my lovelies are the story of why ”all” the houses in Sweden are red. And yes, our house is painted with this classic ”Falu Rödfärg” as we call it here in Sweden.

If you like the full story, here’s a little video I made with some clips from a village ”in this area” where I live.

Puss & Kram! /Maria

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    24 januari, 2019 at 22:38

    I live in a red falurödfärg house, but never know the history! So nice to learn. I think the classic red copper color are much more nice looking than the plastic imitations. Thanks old king for a good trend!

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    24 januari, 2019 at 23:18

    Unrelated, but I saw your video about your health. Please, please, please look into extreme vitamin D deficiency. It’s extremely dangerous for those with diabetes. There’s no harm in trying vitamin d supplements.

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    Anita Sullivan
    24 januari, 2019 at 23:37

    Hi Maria, g it was so wonderful to see you out and volging again. I absolutely love the red colour of the houses in Sweden, ha ha I always thought it was red so you can find your way home from your neighbours house after a snow fall😂😉 I was so happy this morning after I visited Jonna Jintons channel, she mentioned you and that everyone should check out your channel. It brought real warmth and love to my heart to see the support. Let’s keep up encouraging each other. Even the littlest ray of light can scatter the darkness. You both are such a blessing to the world. My daughter just got a blood glucose meter that you have on for up to 10 days and no more finger pokes. I send you love and encouragement. Keep on shinning your beautiful light. 💝🇨🇦

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    Mary-Ellen Marx
    25 januari, 2019 at 06:17

    Greetings from the USA! I love your vlog about Sweden, and I especially love the beautiful red houses. Such a warm, vibrant color against the snowy landscape and the crisp white wood trim. Thank you for your interesting videos!

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    Patricia Grolier
    25 januari, 2019 at 07:24

    Hello, I love your red houses.
    Can you get the recipes with flour and other ingredients, time of cooking and more because I want paint my wood with it.
    Thanh you.

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    Wife of a Viking - från kråkbo till husdröm
    17 februari, 2019 at 20:24

    Älskar dina fantastiska videos!! <3 Lots of love!

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    4 november, 2019 at 12:32

    Sorry, not to be offensive, but do you have any sources for this story?
    Because Copper Roofs in Europe are not red, they are become green (copper oxide) after only a few years. If you see a copper-coulored roof it has been covered very recently (<12 Month).
    According to https://ottossonfarg.com/en/home/, the "swedish" color is made from iron pigments (iron oxide, basically rust).
    And the staining is not due to the pgiments, but rather the linseed oil that is a the foundation.

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    4 november, 2019 at 12:36

    Ah, I just remembered: The king may have seen something which at that time was associated with money (especially around the baltic sea): red brick masonry. People who where ”stone-rich” could afford to build in stone instead of wood: The cities of the hanseatic league, the Order of the Teutonic knights, etc.

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