Min svenska Julkalender #4 – Mina 8 bästa tips för en mindful jul!


God jul kära ni, hoppas December behandlat er väl så här långt! Själv är jag uppslukad av min egen julkalender, det ligger en del arbete bakom om man säger så, och jag gör mitt bästa för att släppa på höga krav (från mig själv) och balansera prestation med välmående. Därför är lucka 4 passande nog mina 8 bäst tips för en mer mindful jul. Hoppas ni tycker om den, dela gärna med er av egna tips om ni har några! 

Due to ”popular demand” (me getting asked this often when I share tips of some sorts in videos) I will also share my list here in English: 

Here are my 8 best tips on how to have a more Mindful Christmas: 

Go out in nature, sit down somewhere comfy and drink a cup of hot cocoa or coffee. Do nothing for at least 10 minutes. Just let you mind wonder. If it goes into stress mode, just bring it back focusing on all the small details around you. What does the chocolate taste like, is it sweet, nutty, warm? Listen, what are the sounds surrounding you right now. Focus what does it sound like and what does it smell like. Some people think mindfulness or meditation is only sitting still with closed eyes in a lotus position humming not thinking about anything, but that is not correct. This is also a type of simple mindful exercise to make that shatter monkey mind of yours be still and focused. Be thankful for this little moment, however or whatever  the rest of your day looks like.   Do this as often as you can during December.

If there is snow, roll around in it, make a snow angel or build a snow lantern. Yes, even if you have grandchildren or go to a fancy office every day making loads of money. I am talking especially to you guys. You know, something happens t you heart and mind when you dare to be childish, so please, try it, dare to let go of all those “you shouldn’t do that if you’re this or that old and completely enjoy the simple pleasure in life. Like snow!

Help someone that needs it. It can be done larger, signing up to support a child in need every month, giving money to a specific charity like UNICEF, RED CROSS or whatever you prefer..my husband and I donates to different charities every month and for me it’s the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself to be honest. But it can also mean helping a random stranger on the street with whatever, it can be giving change to someone who needs it it buying food for someone who needs it, working as Santa Claus for kids in need during Christmas or helping someone carrying their heavy food bags to their car.. whatever possibilities are around you to help others. Grab them and hold on tight, I promise it will light up you heart!

Sit down with a friend or a loved one. No phones, no internet. Music, maybe something nice to drink or eat and just catch up. Let that person know how much he or she means to you and plan for something exiting to do together next year.

Hug someone you like or love, or someone that really needs it, for at least 5 minutes. Really lean into the hug and be present in it. It’s said that for a hug to set of a well being hormone call oxytocin that effects your mood and  well being in a positive aspect the hug needs to be at least 20 seconds long. Imagine what a 5..or even 10 MINUTE long hug could do for ya. Mmmhmmm…! Go hug people! (but ask them first if it’s ok..ok!)

Make a huge cup of hot cocoa/hot chocolate with whipped cream and maybe even marshmallows. Light a candle, lay down on your back, on a sofa, or where ever you feel is comfortable, put on your favorite music and just enjoy the moment. DO NOT PICK UP YOU PHONE. Just enjoy and be present in that moment.

Share Christmas memories not Christmas gifts. A few years ago I asked my family about their best Christmas memory and it was a total bliss to hear everyone talk about their best Christmas. We focused on the memories that we had when we were children and I will never forget the stories my mom and dad told me about their best Christmas memories from their Childhood. My dad comes from a large family of 8 siblings and they didn’t have a lot of money, and my mom grew up in a “post-war Finland” with all that that entails. So for me listening to them was such a blissful moment that I will forever cherish in my heart. Hearing them and how thankful they were for what little they had, it reminded me, what this is REALLY ALL ABOUT. That Christmas, taking part of their Childhood memories, is a dear memory to me. And no amount of gifts can ever be as valuable to me as that moment of “sharing memories” was and will forever be.

Lower your expectations and let go of perfection. No one’s gonna thank you when you cry yourself to sleep the day before Christmas due to exhaustion. Do a pot luck Christmas dinner, wear the dress from last year (I sure will) and let the beauty of simplicity be your guiding word for the holiday. 


God jul and Merry Christmas!  

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    Agneta Eker
    5 december, 2018 at 10:03

    Love your adventskalender! It makes me feel calm and less stressed when I have looked at it. Thank you!

    • Reply
      5 december, 2018 at 21:11

      Thank you Agneta, that makes me so happy! <3

  • Reply
    5 december, 2018 at 21:29

    Fantastiska Maria! <3 Så fina vloggar som sprider värme i mörkret…


    http://fondofhome.blogg.se – från kråkbo till husdröm

    • Reply
      5 december, 2018 at 22:54

      Tack fina du, så glad att du tycker om mina små filmer! <3

  • Reply
    8 december, 2018 at 15:48

    Fina fina du! Så mycket fina tips att ta vara på. <3

    • Reply
      17 december, 2018 at 21:20

      Åh gulle dig , tack, vad go du är!

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  • Reply
    Vanessa Minguez
    13 december, 2018 at 15:03

    loved it!

    • Reply
      17 december, 2018 at 21:20

      Thank you hun! <3

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  • Reply
    18 november, 2019 at 08:08

    Really love the series. I was starting to get overwhelmed with the coming Christmas season and it’s nice to watch your video to remind myself that Christmas can be done mindfully. Just this afternoon, I was telling my boyfriend that I needed a new sweater for the up coming Christmas concert at church but your tip about wearing the same dress from last year reminded me of my favourite sweater that I love to wear. I would just wear that. Love the other tips as well.

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