Spring-Winter in Sweden, the fifth season. Spring part I

Spring in Sweden, it’s such a lovely season! But the Swedish spring is actually dived into 2 parts. The ””Spring-Winter” and the actual warmer part of spring when you can go out with a thinner jacket and skip the winter boots. Spring winter is when there is actually snow on the ground but the sun slowly starts to warm the earth and the birds arrive to our little part of the world. It sounds a lot like you’re in the middle of summer when you step out onto the porch early mornings, but opening your eyes there are snow everywhere and it’s still cold outside. 

”Spring-Winter”, or Vårvinter, as we call it here, is the perfect season to go skiing, well at least in my opinion. It’s also the perfect season to go out and enjoy nature or why not eat outside like we did this Easter. Food never taste as good as it does outside over an open fire. We basically have 5 seasons in nature over here and I just love it. 

Sometimes I hate our winter season, when it feels like you haven’t seen the sun in 2 months you start to go a liiiiitle bit crazy but to be honest, I couldn’t live without the wonders of the different seasons. I just can’t wait for ”real” spring to kick in, when I can leave my warm sweaters at home and wear a skirt again! 

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    30 april, 2018 at 23:41

    It’s a Pussy Willow 🙂 It’s what we call it in Canada.

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      2 maj, 2018 at 09:20

      Thank you hun, I just learned a new word in English! And that sounds right, because the Swedish word ”videkisse” the ”kisse” is like pussy in pussycat. 🙂 <3

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