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    2 In Hållbarhet/ Resor & utflykter

    Zero Island Vacation in the Swedish Archipelago


    This weekend I was finally at my Zero Island Vacation at Lidö, an island in the northern parts of the Swedish Archipelago. I’ve been longing to go for so long. Just to relax and eat some good food, maybe go into the sauna and then a midnight swim with hubby in the sea.

    It was kind of cloudy when we arrived but it didn’t matter. The wind was mild and soft and the Island welcomed us with open arms. This Zero Island project is created by Neste, one of the world’s most sustainable companies and the zero cabin, or nolla cabin as it’s also called, is an award-winning cabin made with close to zero emission and with minimal impact on the surrounding nature.

    Though small the cabin is cozy and inviting. It’s the simple life on vacation but with a touch of luxury. Like ”Glamping” (glamorous camping) but indoors. The large window facing the shore make it feel like you’re partially outside and the bright Swedish summer with daylight almost 24/7 made me want to stay up late and just watch as the sea and sky melt into one canvas in different shades of blue.

    Hubby and I enjoyed a little walk on the island, and later a drink at our cabin, before dinner up at the restaurant at Lidö Värdshus. We ate the Zero menu accompanied with a beautiful sunset as the Swedish summer showed what it’s really capable of.

    The evening was warm and sunny and after dinner we just walked around enjoying summer, talking about this and that. Nothing and everything at the same time. Those type of conversations that just makes time fly and restores your energy and works like balm for your heart and soul.

    We had booked the sauna later that evening because I was set on going for a Midnight swim in the sea. It’s just a special thing going for a cold swim, maybe not the type of swim or bathing most of your are used to when going on vacation but once you get used to it, you might just get addicted to it!If you haven’t tried a cold bath, or a cold bath after sauna, you’re missing out!

    It’s pretty much a mild version of a winter bath and while challenging if you’ve never done it, the effect afterwards is a rush that is hard to describe. It really works wonders with your well-being!

    Me being half Finish it’s just one of those things I do and hence, I just had do it on my zero vacation as well! And also, the sauna…how cute!? If you want to check out the sauna or our stay at the Zero Island vacation watch the whole film below. You can also watch my little boat ride I did from the island while being there, talking about how I create mini adventures and a silver lining in my everyday life.

    And if you’re curious about the stay and want to read more and make book it for yourself, click HERE.

    Until next time lovelies, I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more from my neighborhood, the northern archipelago is really beautiful and it’s a reminder for me to go there more often!

    Puss & Kram! /Maria

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